I’m quoted in the Wall Street Journal!

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I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch today on how traveling to the Mediterranean could save your life. Elizabeth O’Brien’s piece called “Save Your Life: Eat tomatoes and mozzarella” discusses the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Well, who better than I to discuss the pleasures of eating one’s way through Europe to fully experience a destination and to appreciate the culture more deeply? Recipes have always been my favorite souvenirs that I continue to share with friends and family.

 I can almost still taste the seafood paella after my cooking lesson in Valencia, Spain this past April.
Enjoying white asparagus with hollandaise sauce at a darling bistro was a highlight of my Spring 2012 trip to Paris.

The bouillabaisse in Marseille was as amazing as the view of the old harbor from the outdoor cafe – a delicious break during a Mediterranean cruise in 2010.

Is it corny to say that I truly believe in the transformative power of travel?  With each mouthful, we absorb the culture and let it nourish us. The new tastes we enjoy and the new places we explore become a part of us. These moments, these experiences do change us, enrich us and make us better. And healthier too!